What is Demokrati-JA?

The name of our initiative includes wordplay which means “Yes to democracy” or “Democracy starts with me”. Demokrati-JA is an initiative of Russian emigrants in Berlin that grew out of protests in support of Alexey Navalny in January 2021 and the political event in April-May 2021 at the Brandenburg Gate – a democratic camp, where we tried to shed light on the real situation in Russia including standing against Russian military aggression and in support of Ukraine. We are actively participating in the anti-war movement, since February 2022 we have been organizing anti-war actions in Berlin and other German cities.

What do we want?

We want Russia to stop the occupational war waged against Ukraine. In the future we want to see Russia as a democratic decolonial peaceful state with strong civil society and tight connections to the European civil society.

What do we do for it?

Our goal is to form a civil society aimed at solidarity and working out various democratic mechanisms at our current place of living. For instance:

Who are we?

Demokrati-JA is a team of volunteers working together since spring 2021. We speak German, Russian and English. By profession we are researchers, human rights activists, social workers, teachers, IT specialists and so on. Demokrati-JA is a completely independent project within the organization Solidarus, Solidarität mit der Bürgerbewegung in Russland e.V. We work closely with all the key anti-war and pro-democratic initiatives of Russians in Germany and in Europe.

What have we already done?